Friday, May 18, 2012

The Coveted: Right Now

 Spring is here, and that means time to go shopping!  Here are some picks.  Enjoy!

Kara won Fashion Star!  Her final collection for H&M was orange, white, and black.  It was very cool.  So they decided to make a pair of orange shorts, and I want them.  They look flattering but they are in a unique color.   
 Forever 21 Polka Dot Blazer- I want this because I love patterns.  It would be awesome with just about anything bright.  Blazers are good right now because it's not quite warm enough.
Forever 21 Neon Yellow Motorcycle Jacket- Neons are a big trend this season, and I love myself a motorcycle jacket.  I like this one because it's cropped and fitted.

BDG Mint Jeans- I'm sorry I couldn't get a bigger picture.  These are great.  They're so stretchy.  I love the color.  So refreshing.  I want them in light pink too.

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