Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clawed: Sparkly!

I love sparkles.  This is escpecially true for nails.
 This weekend I went to Sephora.  I wanted to get an Ombre set from the New Black, but they don't have them in stores.  So I opted for this amazing Nails Inc. silver glitter.    
 So I did a silver glitter graident!
 It's easy to do: paint a base coat first, (I used an OPI polish that I don't know the name of), then add a thin coat of glitter about 3/4 down your nail.  When that's dry, add another thin coat of glitter about half way down your nail.  Then put a lot of glitter on the tips, and seal it with a topcoat!  The only downfall to this polish is that it's really thick.  I bet it will really work well covering my whole nail.
 I can't wait to get a matte topcoat to see what this baby looks like matte.

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