Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Coveted: Joe Fresh Nail Polish

You know Joe Fresh?  They have nail polishes.  And they're amazing.
Joe Fresh nail polish in Canary
 I'm just showing you three of my favorite shades.  There are 18 shades in all, ranging from pinks to deep purples to bright green.
Joe Fresh nail polish in Heat Wave
 According to the website, the polishes are $4 each, or 3 for $10.  I don't know where to get them, other than online or at Joe Fresh stores.  The nearest one to me is in New Jersey. If anyone wants to gift me a few....
Joe Fresh nail polish in Lilac

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clawed: Gilded

I'm trying out new nail art, so I thought why not drips?  It's meant to look like the gold is dripping onto my nail.  It's not the best, but I like it.
 I originally did drips on all my nails, but it was looking too messy.  Hence the pink around my nails. 
It's actually really easy to do, in theory anyway.  First, apply a color as your base.  Let dry.  Then, use a dotting tool to make two dots of another color.  While thats wet, use more polish to drag it up your nail.  Then, paint your tip with this color, and touch up with a dotting tool to make the edges rounded.  You can add a dot or two to suggest more dripping.  Top with a top coat.  And don't worry if you don't have a real dotting tool.  I used a flat-top pin stuck into an eraser of a pencil.  You can also use the tip of a bobby pin.  Enjoy!     

Monday, June 18, 2012

Style Musings: Happy Father's Day!

Yes, I know these pictures suck.  I need to find a better place to take pictures.
 Anyways, this is what I wore to Father's Day yesterday.  We went to brunch where my sister works as a hostess.  It was really cute!  It's called Miel, which means honey in French.  They actually have bees on the roof, and use the honey in some of their options.  It's styled as a French country house.  I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of the resturant.  I had a ham and cheese crepe with pulled pork.  It was good.
 This is what I decided to wear.  The dress is from Express.  I got it during that shopping spree a couple weeks ago.  I really love this dress.  It's a perfect summer color.  The band is a great color, and makes the dress so much more chic.  The draping is amazing, but that means I need an undershirt.  The band is in the best place.  Usually, when a dress has a band, it cuts me off in a weird place, but not this one!  You can't really see the dress in all its glory in these pictures, so I'll try to get better pictures soon. 
The shoes are from Old Navy.  I got them yesterday to wear with my black and white shorts.  They just happened to match my dress perfectly!  I finished off the look with a pair of burnished gold oval earrings. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Style Musings: Sushi!

Last Saturday (6/9) was my sisters birthday.  Happy Birthday!  We celebrated on Friday by going out to sushi.  We went to our favorite sushi place: Haruki.  It was yummy.  My favorite sushi is tuna. 
 This is what I decided to wear.  First I started with my new shorts from Express.  They have a really cool tribal print.  I don't really have much to match them, so I had to decide between my mint tank and this green top.  The mint tank looked good, but it's notoriously cold in Haruki.  So I was a little less miserable in the green top.   
When it comes to shoes, I'm not really sure.  I think I need classic flats or sandals in a single color.  Any suggestions?  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Clawed: To Boldy Go

...where no man has gone before.
 Galaxy nails!  Don't mind my chipped and messed up nails. 
 Galaxy nails are deciptively hard to do, at least for me.  The directions are easy: sponge light green, magenta, yellow, teal, and dark blue nail polish over any dark color (black, which I used, dark blue or purple) polish.  After doing so, I slicked a silver, blue and purple glitter over all of it.   
 Some tips: making the galaxy long (up and down your nail) works better than making it wide (from side to side).  Sponge on a white polish first to make the colors more vibrant.  Use a light hand while sponging. 
I used the teal for my other fingers.  It looks more teal in real life.  And it's matte!  I wasn't going to do galaxy on all my fingers.  Have fun and show me your galaxy nails!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Style Musings: Rainy Day

I'm still in school. It's just a math class, so it's not stressful.  This is what I wore to class the other day.

 Of course I wore my light pink Forever 21 blazer! To mix it up, I matched it up with my BDG green jeans.

 I tried some pattern mixing with my H&M leopard print top and Forever 21 floral flats. I think it works. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Style Musings: Float Like a Butterfly

....sting like a bee.

I wore this outfit to class.  The room is freezing, so jeans and a top are a must.  I started with Forever 21 boyfriend jeans.  I cuffed them to show off my braided Report sandals.   
My top is from Forever 21.  It has a wonderful butterfly print.  The ruffle is great too.  I never thought I could wear ruffles, but it works. 
The blazer is also Forever 21.  I actually love it.  It's a little tight in the shoulders, but I love the color.  I can't button it either.  But it doesn't need to be buttoned! It adds a little structure to the flowy top.