Monday, June 11, 2012

Clawed: To Boldy Go

...where no man has gone before.
 Galaxy nails!  Don't mind my chipped and messed up nails. 
 Galaxy nails are deciptively hard to do, at least for me.  The directions are easy: sponge light green, magenta, yellow, teal, and dark blue nail polish over any dark color (black, which I used, dark blue or purple) polish.  After doing so, I slicked a silver, blue and purple glitter over all of it.   
 Some tips: making the galaxy long (up and down your nail) works better than making it wide (from side to side).  Sponge on a white polish first to make the colors more vibrant.  Use a light hand while sponging. 
I used the teal for my other fingers.  It looks more teal in real life.  And it's matte!  I wasn't going to do galaxy on all my fingers.  Have fun and show me your galaxy nails!  

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