Monday, June 18, 2012

Style Musings: Happy Father's Day!

Yes, I know these pictures suck.  I need to find a better place to take pictures.
 Anyways, this is what I wore to Father's Day yesterday.  We went to brunch where my sister works as a hostess.  It was really cute!  It's called Miel, which means honey in French.  They actually have bees on the roof, and use the honey in some of their options.  It's styled as a French country house.  I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of the resturant.  I had a ham and cheese crepe with pulled pork.  It was good.
 This is what I decided to wear.  The dress is from Express.  I got it during that shopping spree a couple weeks ago.  I really love this dress.  It's a perfect summer color.  The band is a great color, and makes the dress so much more chic.  The draping is amazing, but that means I need an undershirt.  The band is in the best place.  Usually, when a dress has a band, it cuts me off in a weird place, but not this one!  You can't really see the dress in all its glory in these pictures, so I'll try to get better pictures soon. 
The shoes are from Old Navy.  I got them yesterday to wear with my black and white shorts.  They just happened to match my dress perfectly!  I finished off the look with a pair of burnished gold oval earrings. 

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  1. Red suits you so much!!!!