Friday, April 27, 2012

Style Musings: No Surrender

 "No retreat, baby, no surrender."- No Surrender, Bruce Springsteen
Those are perfect words to live by.  I have to say, Bruce Springsteen has songs with great lyrics.

 I wanted to wear my Charming Charlie's dress.  I love this dress.  The pattern and color are perfect.  Then I threw on a purple H&M cardigan for warmth.  It's still a little chilly.

My Born flatforms add height.  My sister actually got me these earrings!  She went to Florida recently and got us all gifts.  The earrings add a little color to a mostly darker look.  And my H&M aviators are awesome, as always.
So, on Monday, I'm getting a tadpole to raise!  I need suggestions for a name, please.  I want something that isn't obvious, like Lilly or Frogger.  Thanks.

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