Friday, April 13, 2012

The Coveted: H&M

This weekend, I am (hopefully) going to H&M. I love the place. They offer well-constructed, chic, trendy pieces that fit a small budget. Here are some things I am coveting.
Necklace $12.95- I want this! It's so pretty. I would wear it with everything. I love the color too. So pretty for spring.
Blazer $29.95- Pastels are so hot this season, so this pink blazer is the perfect way to introduce pastel shades into your wardrobe. You can do so many types of looks: brights, pastels, and a twist on a classic. I would get so much use out of this blazer!
Blazer $34.95- I have this idea for this blazer. I want to pair this with a pair of coral jeans and a blue tee. I can also wear it with my green jeans, purple pants, and blue jeans. I could even wear it with pretty skirts and dresses. Adds a great pop of color to anything.
Top $29.95- It's not too warm yet, so I like the idea of a buttondown. This print is interesting, which makes the top special.
Dress $29.95- Ever watch Fashion Star? I love that show. It's a competition, where designers are bidded on by byers from Macy's, Saks, and H&M. Then you can actually buy the clothes. Last week, H&M bought Sarah's design. I love it. The pattern and colors are perfect. I would wear it to school or on the weekends. It looks really comfortable.
Dress $17.95- Everyone needs a floral dress. It's cute and sexy. Perfect for spring.
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