Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clawed: Colorblocked

Spring has sprung and summer is calling.  To celebrate the season, I painted my nails in a colorblock design. 
 First, paint your nails, except for one nail, in one color.  I used a coral from OPI. I don't know the name of it and couldn't find it on the website.  Any ideas?  Anyways, I really love this color.  It's so bright and colorful.  It looks orange in photos, but it is more of a coral color.  Let it dry.  
 Then paint your accent nail another color.  I used Certainly Cherry by Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Color.  Let dry.

Then, use your first color (coral) to make a half-moon. I did a straight half-moon, but you can use binder paper reinforcements to make an actual half-moon. There are many tutorials out there to help you do that. When this is dry, slick on a top coat.

The best thing about this manicure is that you can do so much with it.  You can use any colors to complete this look.  You can do the accent design on every nail.  You can use the accent color (hot pink) to make an opposite half-moon on the other nails.  And you can do different half-moon shapes: straight, curved, or triangle.  Have fun with it! 

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