Saturday, April 7, 2012

Style Musings: Matzah Ball

Happy Passover! Passover is my favorite holiday. I love the story, the symbolism, the food, and the four glasses of wine! I'm one of the few people who actually like gefilte fish. It's a mix of pike and whitefish all mashed up and rolled into a round-ish shape. Matzah ball soup is amazing. And if you've never had charoset, you haven't lived. Charoset is chopped apples, chopped nuts, and cinnamon, all drenched in some red wine. It's so good! It reminds us of the mud that the Jews used to build the pyramids when they were enslaved in Eygpt.

For this spring celebration, I wanted to wear something bright. I slipped on a pair of cobalt Forever 21 jeans. After some consideration, I wore a green Forever 21 top. I knew I wanted to wear a pair of floral Forever 21 flats. To bring in the pink from the flats, I wore Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #33, a satin fresh pink. I added some bling with a pair of vintage-inspired Jennie Boston earrings and a Hebrew nameplate necklace that I got in Israel.
My Passover was so much fun. I loved being with friends and family. And I loved my outfit! Don't mind my crazy faces. You try to take good pictures of yourself after more than four glasses of wine. And don't mind the messy room. How was your Passover/Easter?
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