Thursday, April 5, 2012

Style Musings: Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever thought I would love flatforms. Whenever I saw them, I always thought they were big and clunky. They are big and clunky, in a wonderful '70's way. I also have small feet, so I thought that flatforms would make my feet look big. But I am converted! I love them! Flatforms have the height of a heel/wedge, but the comfort of a flat. I love being able to look my family in the eye! (I'm the shortest, and the oldest child of three!)
I wore my green BDG jeans and brown Zara tee. The Zara tee has a wonderful zipper detail in the back. I threw on my velvet vintage Ralph Lauren blazer. I couldn't stop touching myself! It's so soft. I like wearing blazers in spring because my school's building is so bipolar. In some rooms, I'm sweating, but I'm freezing in others. And since it's still pretty cool outside, I need to have something to cover up with. I want warmer weather.
To reflect the color of the shoes, I wore a heart necklace. I don't know where it's from. My sister let me have it.

I also wore my studded Gap belt to keep my pants up. I love the combination of these colors.
The blazer has my first two initals! It was meant to be!
This pair of flatforms are by the brand Born. The shoes are very comfortable, and have a little extra arch support. I love the color, which is perfect for spring.
I wear my heart on my sleeve. Well, on my neck.
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