Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowers and Lace

When spring comes, my favorite things to wear are florals and lace. So girly and so perfect for the season.

These green jeans also remind me of spring. Yes, I did get green jeans! I got BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters. They are so comfy and soft. The only bad thing is that they run big! I thought I should get a 32, but got a 31. Now I wish I got a 30. I guess that's what belts are for.

The floral top is from Love Culture. It's one of the few floral things I have. It's cute though. I like it. I also have my Joy Melissa bag. I love this thing. I use it every day. It looks like a briefcase!

The shoes are my copper flip-flops. They're cute. And they have support, which is really important if you have bad feet.

To reflect the color of the shoes, I threw a little arm party! First I put on a rhinestone bracelet that my boyfriend gave to me. Then is a copper chainmail bracelet that I made. Finishing off my arm party is a brown braided leather H&M bracelet. Adds some sparkle too.

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