Friday, March 23, 2012


I saw The Hunger Games. It was really good. Some of the things that was in the book wasn't in the movie, like (SPOILER ALERT!) the mutts that were actually the dead tributes. But that would have been hard to get across onscreen. The movie had just enough blood and guts, but still focused on the story. Although it mostly focused on Katniss, there were moments of other characters stories. It got me thinking, which is never a good thing. I'm just so glad we don't make our children kill each other.

To be comfy in the theater, I wore a pair of purple Forever 21 pants. I really like these pants. They're a bright violet color and very comfy. At first, I wasn't sure about the length, but I really like them for spring. I topped it off with a brown t-shirt from Zara. I love this shirt because it has a really cool see-through pattern. And a zipper in the back. I love all the details of this shirt. I must go to Zara again soon. Then I slipped on my good old leopard flats. They add a good dose of pattern and are really cute.

I really must find a better way to take pictures. Any suggestions?


  1. it's so refreshing seeing style blogs by people who are not anoretic skinny top model wannabees!! I'm going to follow your blog, follow mine back?

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