Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspire Me: Mondo's Ink Blot Tee

I'm so happy Mondo won Project Runway All Stars! Austin's collection was disjointed, and Michael's had too much prints, although it was pretty. But I loved Mondo's collection. I envy the ease in which he can mix prints. I'm not too good at that. Mondo's collection was called "Therapy"; he said he needed therapy after being on the show. For the record, during almost every challenge he pretty much had a script: love the fabrics in the store, hate them at home, beat yourself up about it, then make an amazing garment. So he needed therapy. I get it. All the looks in the final challenge were great. But I especially loved his Rorschach ink blot t-shirt.
I do love the prints with it, but really dislike the multicolored sleeves. But I love the tee. The first time they showed it on the first part of the finale, I fell in love. Seeing it in all its glory a week later made me fall in love even harder. I want one. Except I want it on a pretty, soft, slouchy tee, not on a fitted tee like Mondo did. I find I like those types of tees better. And I could very easily do it myself. I found a way to do it on Instructables: If I can't find a tee I like, I might just have to make one. I could do that. I could totally do that. The printing is easy enough, and I could probably find a good pattern out there. Sigh. So pretty.

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